Innovation in Water Testing Technology

Hydrolight are a science and technology company and research group located in Cambridge University and Cork Institute of Technology. We are developing a platform for the real time analysis of fluids. While our platform has application across multiple sectors – medical, dairy, food – we feel that the first and greatest need is in the water sector.

Water Systems across Europe and the world are exposed to contamination from industrial, pharmaceutical, agricultural and natural origins. Monitoring of water quality presents a complicated multifaceted problem extending from surveillance monitoring of source waters to operational monitoring of waste waters to the management of clean waters all the way to the tap. Our solutions are designed to help.

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  1. The Technology
  2. Raman Sensing
  3. Raman Spectroscopy
  4. The Vision

The Technology

The Hydrolight platform uses Raman sensing deployed in a glass microchip
environment (Raman on Chip)

Raman Sensing

We take a holistic view of what’s needed for Raman sensing to work in the field and in situ.
This includes engineering aspects, software aspects aswell as environmental aspects and the
contaminants that need to be focused on for detection. Hydrolight is also developing its own
proprietary software for recognizing spectral signals and externally develops interfaces to
allow the platform communicate with complementary systems used in water management.

Raman Spectroscopy

Raman spectroscopy is a method whereby the molecular structure of a target analyte can be probed
and identified by scattering of monochromatic light. The integration of high efficiency Raman spectroscopy
on chip (Raman on Chip) is moving the technique from expensive lab based units to the field where it can be
deployed as a mobile real time analysis solution and as a sensor platform for in-situ detection and analysis.
The technology concept represents a new approach to exploit the potential of Raman Spectroscopy, which is
highly efficient and offers significant potential for reducing water testing costs and for providing early detection
of contaminations in water systems.

The Vision

With water resource management having such a high priority and contamination of water resources
being a fact of life, solutions for early detection such as Raman on Chip serve to create a better cleaner
environment, protect public health and reduce significantly costs associated with traditional water
analysis/detection and clean up after a contamination event.

A Multitude of Applications

A Multi platform technology that can be applied in a number of ways across a multiple of sectors: Water, agriculture/food processing, medical - industries that use water for mixing/diluting/cleaning.

There are a number of key benefits to the solution: Contaminants can be accurately identified using spectroscopy. Quantification can be made to the ppb scale. The platform can be transported and used ‘in the field’. This significantly reduces the cost of carrying out analysis. The time taken to identify a contaminant is significantly reduced and remedial action can be undertaken immediately.

A remote device that can dynamically analyse and report contaminants provides significant benefits over current processes. The solution can transmit data at pre-determined intervals over a 3G/4G network to a cloud-based data storage system. Analysis of the data is immediate and can identify potential issues immediately. This delivers significant reduction in costs when compared with conventional techniques.

Multi Disciplinary Team

The Hydrolight platform is highly integrated; Hence the multi disciplinary research approach of the Hydrolight team which looks at environmental impact, physics impact, biology impact, engineering and IT impact.

As such our founders are two Physicists, an environmental scientist and a businessman with a water utility background. But in our group we also have microbiologists, electronic engineers and software specialists.

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