The sensor cloud company. Smarter homes.

Hydrolight is developing a smart environment cloud of real-time sensors. Allowing you to make data-driven decisions about public well-being.

Hydrolight has developed a fast, super sensitive test that can detect even tiny single cells that shouldn’t be present in clean water.

Fin Murray

Founder & CEO - Fin was previously CEO of LeT Systems (sold to Trimble) and the CEO of Cellulac (floating AIM market). He is a graduate of the Stanford Leadership for Growth program.

Helena Domo

Scientific Officer - Helena graduated in Environmental Science from the University of Granada. Helena worked in water monitoring Institute of Water, Granada, and has also advised major investors interested in the environmental sector.

Gediminas Juska

Physics Officer - Gediminas has a PhD in physics from the Tyndall National Institute, Ireland working in integrated photonics. He demonstrated the first emission of quantum entangled light from arrayed quantum dots.

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